How BumbleTee Began

Hi! I am the BumbleTee founder Rae! I started BumbleTee after I had started experiencing severe bloating as a result of chronic inflammation which caused a multitude of health issues, including TMJ and chronic migraines about 5 years ago. I was unaware of what chronic inflammation at the time and I had no clue why I was always so bloated and nauseous. I was eating healthy and working out every day and it seemed pointless even trying when being so bloated all the time despite my healthy lifestyle. The bloating was so extreme that I could not fit my clothes during a flare up, I looked pregnant, and I felt too uncomfortable to go out with my girlfriends and get dressed up in a nice outfit. It disrupted my confidence and my social life severely and I was desperate to find something to help my bloating.

On top of all my tummy issues I was dealing with severe chronic migraines and tmj, which led me to an amazing centre in Sydney to begin physical therapy for my chronic migraines, tmj and inflammation issues (which I wasn't aware of at the time). Here I met an amazing doctor who intertwined western and holistic medicine and wanted me to try an anti-inflammatory diet, including a mix of specific herbs and types of tea that improve gut health. At first I thought it was ridiculous because I had no clue just how much of an impact your diet and gut health can have on your overall health. But, I still went grocery shopping that day and gave it a go because I was desperate.
Within the first few days I already noticed a major difference in my migraines, jaw pain and bloating (which I was not expecting). Even though I was eating a healthy diet, I was eating quite inflammatory foods which I had no clue where exacerbating my bloating. I remember crying at not only being pain free for the first time in a long time, I cried at finally feeling light, comfortable and bloat free. I was finally able to go out in something other than a hoodie. And then, my tea and anti-inflammatory addiction began!
After many years of trial and error, and trying every ‘fad diet’ and ‘instagram diet tea’ possible, I started creating my own blends and figuring out what worked best for me, and what didn’t. I ended up with a blend that actually worked (yay) but wasn’t too harsh on the system and actually TASTED GOOD, WOO!. I gave it to varying friends and family who suffer from chronic inflammation and IBS, as bloating unfortunately is a problem with many people, and we all experience it at one point in our lives. They loved my blend, saw great results and I decided to bite the bullet and create BumbleTee in the hopes of helping others like myself who experience bloating.
There is no better feeling than feeling comfortable and confident in your own body and I would love to know that I helped someone feel that way. The Bye Bye Bloat Tea blend has been created using the finest herbs sourced from around the world and a lot of love has been put into creating BumbleTee :)
These before and after photos are of myself. I wanted to show you my struggles with severe bloating and how understanding I am of the effects of bloating is on everyone who goes through it. I was my own guinea pig throughout this blending process and and made sure the product worked on me and gave me the results I know so many others need. I am looking forward to seeing your before and afters! 
Rae xx