Giveaway: Claim your free 14 day ''Bye Bye Bloat Tea'' pack

Once you send in your before and after photos and give BumbleTee permission to use your photos we will send you a free 14 pack of ''Bye Bye Bloat Tea'' to your nominated address as a thank you!
Note: BumbleTee is not liable to resend this pack if it does not arrive to this address. 

Requirement’s for Before and After Photos:

Congratulations on your success with BumbleTee!

  • You must have proof of purchase with BumbleTee (Your confirmation email) 
  • The comparison photos must include the same area of the body to convey your transformation
  • Photo must be a full body shot, inclusive of face. (We can crop your face out of the photo). 
  • Photos must be accompanied by feedback or a short description of your experience with the BumbleTee product used. Remember, this is a space where we are encouraged to inspire each other to reach their health goals, so please no inappropriate or offensive attire or photos
  • By sending your before and after you are agreeing to let BumbleTee use it for various promotional and marketing purposes. If you do not consent to your before and after image being used do not send it in.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, please let our team know and we will crop distinguishing features before publishing the photo.

As a thank you for sending in your images. All customers will receive a thank you gift! 💖🐝