Snowballs Helping Paw

I always wanted to create something special and turn a passion into a job. But I also promised myself I would make the effort to do something to help animals and wildlife regardless of what I was doing. I am the biggest animal lover you could ever meet and I couldn’t think of a better way to help our furry, scaly or slimy friends in need than to promise $1 of all products sold to be donated to a different animal-based charity every month. This is so we can eventually make a difference for a lot of animals, all around the world. Feel free to DM us or to tag us in a post to nominate a charity and follow our Facebook and Instagram to see the difference we are making together!
The name ''Snowball’s Helping Paw'' came from my childhood cat, Snowball. He joined the family when I was 5 years old and he was my best friend and I loved him a lot, and he made the family whole. He was very funny, spoilt, demanding, but sweet and loving. He lived a very long and luxurious life for a cat. He was the reason for my passion and love for animals at a young age. Snowball passed away due to nasal cancer at the old age of 16, and he left a paw print on my heart forever.
Snowballs Helping Paw is a thank you from Snowball to all the amazing, generous people who make it their mission to give animals the quality of life Snowball was lucky enough to get, and all animals deserve.
The paw print you see on our packaging, social media and website is snowballs actual paw print I took with an ink kit right before he passed away in March 2019.